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References – highly impressed customers and users

We're very proud of the fact that leading enterprises in the metal, chemical, and paper industries, as well as a number of Germany's largest cities, have put their trust in us and our EHS software over many years – some of them even for decades.


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Mineral oil



Innovation Driver: The Chemical Industry

With several thousand businesses spread across Germany, the chemical industry is one of the largest and most diverse branches of industry. With total annual sales of more than €180 billion and a workforce numbering more than 400,000, Germany's chemical industry accounts for a 5.7% share of the global chemicals market.


In view of the multitude of hazardous materials, energy-intensive processes and far-reaching legal regulations involved, the environment and safety are two issues that are of particular importance in the chemical industry. This is why we are so pleased to have worked so successfully with chemicals companies over the past 20 years and more, three of which we would like to briefly present here.

Bayer MaterialScience AG


Bayer MaterialScience is a subsidiary of Bayer AG, a leading manufacturer of high-quality polymer materials and a developer of innovative solutions for products put to use in a great many areas of our daily lives. Products with leading positions on the world market account for a major share of sales.


Bayer MaterialScience uses our EHS software to:


  • Map buildings, technical facilities, and equipment

  • Manage appointments with authorities, applications, licenses, and requirements

  • Track recurring audits, deadlines, and measures

  • Inform the responsible parties at the plant

  • Manage hazardous materials and chemicals

Currenta GmbH & CO. OHG


With its locations in Leverkusen, Dormagen, and Krefeld-Uerdingen, Chempark is the largest chemicals park in Germany. The park, which covers an area of around 11 km2 – that's almost 4.25 miles2 –, is workplace to some 50,000 employees working for more than 80 companies and a whole array of service providers. Around one third of all chemical production in Germany's most populated state and traditional industrial heartland, North Rhine-Westphalia, takes place here.


Chempark is operated by Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG. With the aid of our EHS software, Currenta manages all matters relating to licenses and permits required at the three locations, covering areas of law such as the Federal German Pollution Control Act (BImSchG) and water, waste, and industrial safety regulations.

Heavyweight: The Metal Industry

The metal industry is one of the key sectors of Germany's economy. It takes in the steel industry, the non-ferrous metals industry, the foundry industry as well as the steel- and metalworking industries. Alongside steelmaking, another important branch of the metal industry is metal processing.

In 2014, sales generated by the metalworking industry alone amounted to some €79.8 billion. The challenges that face our customers from the metal industry lie notably in the many different materials used in the plants, dangerous thermal processes such as smelting, casting, and rolling, emissions into the atmosphere and water, as well as the multitude of laws and regulations that apply to what are now often very old, even historic production sites.

Wieland-Werke AG


Wieland-Werke AG, headquartered in Ulm, southern Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of semifinished goods made of copper and copper alloys. Wieland has been using our EHS software since 2009 for the following tasks:


  • Plant, equipment, and materials register

  • Hazardous materials, safety guidelines, and material safety data sheets

  • VAwS register (Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water)

  • Central information point for site managers and employees

  • License and permit management

Indispensable: The Mineral Oil Industry

Mineral oil is still the main energy source in Germany. Twelve full-spectrum refineries and a number of smaller specialist refineries in Germany refine some 105 million metric tons annually. And around 14,300 gas stations today supply fuel for more than 52 million vehicles registered in Germany and those in transit through the country.


It goes without saying that the mineral oil industry has to comply with the most stringent of safety regulations. A well-conceived, end-to-end safety management system is absolutely essential even for structural and plant safety – as is the case for our customer OMV.

OMV Deutschland


OMV AG is the leading mineral-oil and natural-gas enterprise in Central and Eastern Europe, is heavily involved in exploration and production activities, and owns several affiliated chemical companies. OMV Deutschland GmbH is a German subsidiary that operates a refinery in the "Chemicals Triangle" of south-eastern Bavaria and is, among other things, a raw materials supplier for this important industrial region of southern Germany.


OMV Deutschland GmbH uses our EHS software to interconnect all of its technical data with environmental data, documents (technical drawings, specifications, license/permit approvals), SAP® data, and many more technical applications, making it the key navigation tool for the entire plant. This successful business relationship with OMV has been ongoing since 1998. 


During these almost two decades, we have provided this international oil and gas concern with the following services:


  • Technical documentation, plant and equipment

  • Maintenance and analysis of process data

  • Data and document integration

  • Plant maintenance with system integration (enterprise application integration, EAI)

  • Hazmat, chemicals, and incident registers, lab materials, GHS/CLP, safety data sheets, operating instructions

  • Management of licenses/permits and requirements

  • Recurring audits (incl. VAwS, German Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance (BetrSichV), Federal German Pollution Control Act (BImSchG))

  • Emission control measurements, calibrations, function tests

European Leader: The German Paper Industry

Germany's paper industry is No. 1 in Europe and No. 4 behind China, USA, and Japan on the world stage. With annual production running at almost 23 million metric tons, the industry manufactures around 3,000 different paper grades. Some 40,000 workers at around 160 German production sites return sales worth more than €15 billion.


The resource-intensive paper industry is subject to ever stricter regulations, such as the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). What's more, the industry faces further challenges in the form of a growing sensitivity of the public at large to environmental issues and increasing global competition. If the industry is to remain successful, it is crucial that companies introduce targeted management of all matters relevant to environmental protection and safety, as we have implemented with our EHS software on behalf of our customer Sappi.

Germany – A Location for Business: Cities and Municipalities

There's hardly an institution or business that has as many different duties and responsibilities as a city or municipality. Countless requirements and regulations need to be compiled and complied with in respect of environmental protection and safety alone, covering issues ranging from nature conservation – including water protection – through emission control and waste management to environmental analysis and radiation protection.


Setting a good example in this area is the city of Cologne The metropolis has invested its trust in its long-term and reliable collaboration with us to solve its manifold organizational and IT-related tasks and work processes.



A city of almost one million residents, Cologne is the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's largest and most populated federal state. 20 million more people live within an hour's drive of the city. In addition to the automotives industry – with the city playing host to seven German and European headquarters of international vehicle manufacturers –, global players in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical and mechanical engineering industries also have their head offices here.


The Department for Environmental and Consumer Protection of the City of Cologne uses our EHS software to manage all tasks of relevance to the environment: From water and waste through emission control, nature conservation to notifications of charges, our systems guarantee safe data management and efficient work processes.