iPoint EHS software for Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety with iPoint EHS

iPoint EHS software for occupational safety allows you to continuously monitor the protection and safety of your employees, your work areas, and plant and to perform your tasks efficiently.

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Benefits your business
Occupational Safety Software Benefit

Find information quickly

The intelligent search functions built into iPoint EHS help you find the information you require quickly

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Schedule management

iPoint EHS schedule management function enables you to ensure that measures, inspections and audits are conducted as scheduled

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Protect your staff and your company

iPoint EHS helps your staff work without endangering their health and protects your company against long absences and liability risks

Key Features & Functions
Occupational Safety Software Feature

Documentation of responsible employees and activities

Occupational Safety Software Test

Organization of training seminars, briefings and advanced training

Occupational Safety Software Review

Drafting of risk assessments and safety guidelines

Occupational Safety Software Functionalities

Reporting of accidents and critical incidents

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Workflow for efficient and certain approvals of new materials

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