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iPoint EHS ensures your company's operation compliance with regulations and long-term certainty.

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iPoint EHS - Software solution for Legal Compliance

iPoint EHS gives you the support you need for everything from applying for licenses and permits through defining secondary regulations and responsibilities to providing proof of how statutory and regulatory obligations are fulfilled in your company.

Benefits your business

Practical and Guaranteed License/Permit Management

Legal Compliance Software Benefits

Structured archiving of your applications and notification

Structured archiving of your applications and notifications, and linking of plants, equipment, projects and appointments with and deadlines for agencies. This way, you make sure that everyone involved has the latest documents readily available.

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Automatic generation of secondary regulations

Automatic generation of secondary regulations as soon as you have received the relevant notification. You compile your concrete to-do list and assign personnel and equipment simply and quickly. iPoint EHS then sends e-mails to those responsible when appointments/deadlines are due and in order to document compliance.

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Taskmanagement with a click

The respective recipient then clicks a link to go straight to the task to be performed, documents its completion and can then upload a verification document, such as a test report.

Key Features & Functions
Legal Compliance Software Features

Models of individual, in-house obligations ensure standardized, systematic processing of the tasks.

You can choose appropriate models for each location, each plant, and each piece of equipment – and the system generates the obligations automatically.

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Tracking obligations from various areas of law

By tracking obligations from various areas of law, you ensure that air and water measurements (taken in accordance with German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), German Water Resources Act (WHG) and VAwS requirements), recurring inspections per Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), officer and employee training seminars, risk assessments in line with the German law on hazardous substances (GefStoffV), and other obligations are performed according to schedule.

Legal Compliance Software Functionalities

Legal services functionality

The legal services function of iPoint EHS informs you about statutory regulations and notifies you of amendments when published.


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