iPoint EHS - the leading software solution for Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous Materials Management with iPoint EHS

Record and manage all your safety hazard materials data in a central, audit-ready location.

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iPoint EHS - Software solution for Hazardous Materials Management


iPoint EHS Hazardous Materials Management software offers you comprehensive assistance to organize your hazardous materials.

Benefits your business

✔ Better risk management

iPoint EHS software helps you operate your facilities without unpredictable legal risks and in compliance with all licenses and permits

✔ Get the full picture

iPoint EHS clearly highlights all the obligations your company must meet and whether you have done so

✔ Benefits all company levels

iPoint EHS is of equal use and benefit to the managers, technical departments and shop-floor workers at your plant

Key Features & Functions

Hazardous Materials register

Record hazardous materials and substances as well as working materials. Label materials according to GHS/CLP

Safety data sheets

Manage safety data sheets and create automatic requests for suppliers

Approval processes

Regulate the handling of hazardous materials through statements, approvals and usage prohibitions

Application areas

Record all of the application areas and check whether storing different materials together is permitted.


Enable your employees to report CMR exposures.

Risk assessment

Assess activities involving hazardous materials and determine whether certain materials need to be substituted.

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